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Levelfix 860H Red Beam Rotary Construction Laser

The standard for every construction site

The 860H is a robust horizontal construction laser that will perform under the toughest conditions. For example, the 860H is equipped with an extremely robust housing and with its IP67 rating protected against all weather conditions. The excellent specifications ensure that the 860H is a reliable partner for every project.

800 meter working range
Accuracy 4.8mm/100mtr.
Working time 55 hours on 1 charge
IP 67 construction (waterproof)
Equipped with manual slope and TILT function
7 year construction warranty

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About the Levelfix 860H Red Beam Rotary Construction Laser

Horizontal construction laser with red beam

Reliability time and time again

Thanks to the tilt function, the height is checked continuously and ensures correct measurements. Does the height change due to movement? Then it locks automatically, so you never make a mistake. In addition to this function, the 860H has a manual slope function. Using this function, you can quickly and easily set a manual slope on both the x and y axes.

Standard with digital receiver

The Levelfix 860H comes with the digital DLD100GR receiver, giving it a range of up to 600 meters. This receiver is accurate, easy to use, moisture resistant and can take a shock. In addition, this receiver displays the difference to the 0-line in millimeters or inches.

7 year CONSTRUCT warranty

The LEVELFIX CONSTRUCT instruments are equipped with high-quality components, resulting in high reliability, excellent specifications and an instrument that you will enjoy for many years. These instruments come with a 7-year warranty* ou can rest assured that you can rely on a LEVELFIX Construct Instrument


The Levelfix 860H is equiped with a self-leveling pendulum and ensures a perfect level of the laser lines. If the Levelfix 860H is not set correctly, the lines will flash. You can switch-off the self-levelling system This allows you to project all the angles you want.

Receiver function

The Levelfix 860H features a receiver function. This allows you to use the 860H in combination with a levelfix receiver at longer distances or outdoors, even if the line is no longer visible. With the receiver the laser is able to detect up to <50m. The LLD100GR receiver is available as an option.

Li-ion technology

It Levelfix 860H comes complete with Li-ion battery and charger.


The Charge & Work function ensures that you can charge the Levelfix 860H while using the instrument. This avoids unnecessary waiting time due to empty batteries that need to be charged first.



Range:800 M
Accuracy:4.8mm @ 100m
Functions:rotate 600 rpm
Laser Class:635 nm / class 1 (red)
Slopet:Manually adjustable
Slope range:0 to 10%
Red Beam
Catalog No. 554810
SKU 860H
Category Rotary Lasers
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