Levelfix 860HVS Digital Rotary Construction Laser

Professional Construction Laser

The Levelfix 860HVS is packed full of top-end features helping you get the job done faster than ever before. The slope can be digitally adjusted on both axes via the large clear display. The SmartSlope technology ensures a controlled slope with HI protection and monitors temperature fluctuations. The unique Auto-Alignment function on both the x and the y-axis automatically locates the centre of the detector. Place the detector at height, and with a press of a button, the laser will find the centre itself, and a slope is set. The adjustable speed up to 1200 rpm makes the laser ideal for use with machine receivers. In addition, the 860HVS is equipped with a window switch-off (the “blinding” of certain sides). his function allows you to use the laser even where the laser beam may be reflected. You simply switch off the side that causes reflection near windows or reflective materials or where the laser beam should not be detectable.

Digitally adjustable double slope up to 8%
Range 1100M
Auto-Alignment & Tracking function horizontally and vertically
Window shutdown (beam masking)
Long run time
Robust IP67 construction

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Levelfix P180EM Tripod

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About the Levelfix 860HVS Digital Rotary Construction Laser

Red beam digital dual slope laser

Digital MM receiver and remote control

The laser comes standard with the rugged SLD800 digital detector. it allows you to read off the difference to the centre in mm or inch. The adjustable accuracy makes the SLD800 suitable for all kinds of work. The SLD800 is equipped with bright LEDs, an adjustable sound level and an illuminated LCD on both sides. With the remote control, you can operate all laser functions up to a distance of 100 meters.


The Levelfix 860hvs belongs to our LEVELFIX+ product range. The LEVELFIX+ models are characterised by the highest quality, best achievable accuracy, excellent specifications and 4 year warranty*. In addition, they are richly equipped with handy and smart accessories.

Li-ion technology

It Levelfix 860hvs comes complete with Li-ion battery and charger.


The smart communication between your smartphone and your LEVELFIX laser. With the LEVELFIX CONNECT App you can easily connect the 860hvs to your smartphone. Once connected , you can control the laser on your smart device and instantly access the manual.


The Charge & Work function ensures that you can charge the Levelfix 860hvs while using the instrument. This avoids unnecessary waiting time due to empty batteries that need to be charged first.



Range:1100 M
Accuracy:4.8mm @ 100m
Laser Class:635 nm / class 2m (red)
Slopet:Digitally adjustable
Slope range:-8 to 8%
Red Beam
Catalog No. 554800
Category Rotary Lasers
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