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Levelfix CCL260G 3D Cone-Line Laser

3D Multiline laser with green beam

The Levelfix CCL260G is a premium multifunctional 3D laser designed for everyday use in the trades.  Thanks to the three special lenses, it projects a 360-degree horizontal line and two 360-degree vertical lines. The laser can be used to mark out level lines, create a plumb line and project a cross line on the wall, ceiling and floor. The CCL260G comes with the SmartBase positioning base, Li-ion battery /charger, battery holder, wall holder, target plate, and a sturdy hard case.

Range 20m (with receiver 40m)
2x green 360° vertical lines at 90°
Accuracy 3mm @ 10m
Detector function (optional)
Complete with SmartBase positioning adapter
Rechargeable (Li-Ion)

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£295.00 Inc VAT

About the Levelfix CCL260G 3D Cone-Line Laser

Projects 3x 360° strong green lines

Easy to position

The Levelfix CCL260G comes with a handy SmartBase Positioning Adapter, which makes aligning tiles and studs easy. The SmartBase has a unique rotating mechanism, which ensures that the reference point remains in the same place during setup. For tile work, the foot has fold-out clips that fall over the tile for maximum stability.

Bright green

The bright green lines of the CCL260G have a range of up to 30 meters. This distance is extended to 50 meters when used with the MLD40GR receiver (sold separately). The receiver also allows the laser to function outdoors, where the laser is nearly invisible to the human eye.


The CCL260G has a self-levelling pendulum to ensure it is always perfectly level. However, this system can also be locked utilising its SmartLock system so that you can safely transport the laser. In addition, the SmartLock system also allows you to set up and project custom level lines at your desired angle.

Li-ion battery

The CCL260G has a removable Li-ion battery, which gives you up to 20 hours of run time.

Levelfix Connect App

What makes the CCL260G extra useful is its ability to connect it to the Levelfix Connect app on your smartphone. This app lets you control the laser remotely and gives you access to the laser manual.

What’s in the box?

The CCL260G comes with the SmartBase positioning base, Li-ion battery and charger, battery holder, wall holder, target plate, and a sturdy case.


Levelfix is based in Holland and has produced measuring instruments for over 25 years. Driven by a passion for innovative products, they have met all the expectations of the professional user.

*Extend the standard 1-year factory warranty to 4 years by registering your laser within 2 weeks of purchase.



Range:20m / receiver 40m
Accuracy:3mm @ 10m
Functions:3x 360° (horizontal and vertical)
Laser Class:525 nm / class 2m (green)
Green Beam
Catalog No. 556150
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