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Levelfix LB240 LaserRod

Rapidly measure height differences

The laser Rod makes measuring height differences easy.

With adjustable clamp holder
Adjustable in height
Up to 2.4 mtr

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About the Levelfix LB240 LaserRod

LaserRod Flexilat LB240

How to use the LB240 LaserRod

1. Mount the receiver on the Clamp holder and ensure that the center line matches the top of the Clamp holder.
2. Slide the Clamp holder exactly to the 0 position of the Rod.
3. Extend or smaller the Rod until the receiver indicates exactly the middle with the laser, you now have a reference point.
4. You can now measure a different position by placing the Rod on the spot to measure and sliding the Clamp holder to the 0 position of the receiver. You can now read the difference in mm on the measuring Rod compared to the reference point.

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